The small studio apartment in Alppila has undergone a transformation.

Instead of a windowsill, we had a custom-made countertop installed, creating a comfortable space for dining, working, and people-watching.

The apartment is further enhanced by the addition of an island, providing ample workspace.

Custom-made storage solutions have been integrated into the apartment. The cabinets that line the side wall of the apartment also serve as a TV stand and a decorative surface.

Notable features of the apartment include:

  • - A high-quality, handleless kitchen that is resistant to fingerprints. The cabinet doors are finished in matte white, and the cabinet height is 2500mm.
  • - The kitchen is designed with a seamless, cohesive look that offers both storage and a versatile countertop.
  • - Newly installed parquet flooring.
  • - An easily accessible 160cm-wide cabinet bed, which has enabled us to maximize the available space.
  • - Abundant storage space.
  • - LED lighting on the upper shelves.
  • - An integrated range hood in the cabinets with an activated carbon filter.
  • - Bosch integrated appliances, such as a refrigerator, dishwasher, and microwave/oven combination.
  • - Comprehensive electrical rewiring.
  • - New wooden-framed ceiling lights.
  • - Replacement of the bathroom door.
  • - Lighting control options via switches or a smartphone.