The top-floor studio on Aleksis Kivi Street showcases the distinctive touch of BVG Housing.

This apartment boasts:

  • - A bespoke BVG open kitchen, complete with sleek handleless doors, custom design, and a stylish matte white finish. The cabinets stand tall at 2800mm.
  • - An expansive island featuring an indoor gas fireplace, and its outer wall elegantly finished with microcement.
  • - Brand-new parquet flooring.
  • - A roomy 140cm-wide cabinet bed designed for two.
  • - Generous storage options throughout.
  • - A ceiling design harmonizing with the island's aesthetics.
  • - Subtle, ambient lighting provided by discreetly placed light strips.
  • - An integrated range hood in the ceiling, equipped with an activated carbon filter.
  • - High-end Bosch integrated appliances, including a refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave/oven combo, and induction stove.
  • - A comprehensive electrical upgrade.
  • - Customized LED lighting solutions.
  • - A new bathroom door installation.
  • - Radiator covers tailored to fit the space.
  • - Smart home integration that allows for remote control via your smartphone, switches, or remote control devices, with the added convenience of voice commands for ceiling lights, ambient lighting, kitchen illumination, island lighting, and hallway lights (voice commands necessitate supplementary equipment and phone control through a wireless internet connection).