This studio has undergone a stunning transformation, meticulously renovated with a focus on refined aesthetics. Every detail in this apartment has been thoughtfully curated.

The apartment offers:


- A BVG open kitchen with handleless doors, featuring cutting-edge Blum Tip-On and Blumotion technology. The cabinet doors boast a matte white finish.

- A substantial island equipped with an interior gas fireplace and adorned with genuine interior stone cladding on its outer wall.

- The entire floor has been coated with easy-to-maintain epoxy.

- The floor is complemented by underfloor heating throughout the apartment.

- All bathroom fixtures have been upgraded and replaced.

- The bathroom features a washing machine connection and a ceiling embellished with stretch material and embedded LED lighting.

- The bathroom is finished with microcement for a modern touch.

- You'll find a generous 160cm-wide cabinet bed for two, flanked by cabinets on each side.

- Above the cabinet bed, an illuminated BVG logo glass panel adds a touch of sophistication.

- Abundant storage solutions cater to your needs.

- A convenient walk-in closet features motion sensor lighting.

- Ceiling design elements harmonize with the kitchen island and the sofa.

- Indirect lighting is strategically placed behind the kitchen area and beneath the island.

- A wine rack adds a stylish touch.

- The entrance features an ornate basin for decorative flair.

- An integrated ceiling-mounted range hood boasts an activated carbon filter.

- Top-tier Bosch appliances are integrated, including a refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave/oven combination, and an induction stove.

- The electrical system has been completely rewired for your peace of mind.

- LED lighting enhances the ambiance throughout the apartment.

- A ceiling-mounted video projector is integrated for entertainment.

- An advanced Screenlux Silverlight projection screen completes the setup.

- A discreetly integrated 5.1 sound system in the ceiling and baseboards provides a surround sound experience.

- Both bathroom and interior doors have been thoughtfully replaced, adding to the apartment's overall appeal.