Starting price from 68 800€ VAT 0%. The price includes the base floor and foundation.

Living space: 90 m²
Terrace: 80 m²
3 rooms, open kitchen, wardrobe, 1 bathroom, sauna, terrace,

CLT Frame:
– 6 exterior wall elements
– 12 roof elements
– 12 floor elements
– 18 partition wall elements
Framing duration: 3 days
Foundation: 24 pilings and 48 GLT beams
Total wood consumption: 43 m³
Weight: 20,2 tons
CO₂ sequestration: 43 tons
CO₂ sequestration value: €3741

Experience modern living with a touch of architectural elegance in our 170i —a one-of-a-kind, semicircular CLT home designed for comfort, sustainability, and breathtaking views.
This single-story gem, fully constructed with CLT, eliminates the need for extra insulation, ensuring a cozy home in any season. The unique semicircle shape and a stunning pile foundation give 170i its exceptional character.
Enjoy panoramic views through the glass windows that make this home a perfect blend of aesthetics and nature. Inside, discover an open kitchen seamlessly merging with a large living room, and a bathroom with a sauna—a retreat within your home.
Outside, a sprawling 80m² terrace beckons, providing a perfect space to savor the beauty of your surroundings.

Note: The recommended CLT thickness for year-round living in Scandinavia is 200-240 mm.