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Living space: 107 m²
Terrace: 29 m²

5 rooms, open kitchen, 2 bathroom, sauna, terrace, porch

CLT Frame:
– 15 exterior wall elements
– 2 roof elements
– 6 floor elements
– 19 partition wall elements
– 30 panorama roof elements
Framing duration: 4 days
Foundation: 19 pilings and 30 GLT beams
Total wood consumption: 90 m³
Weight: 23,9 tons
CO₂ sequestration: 53 tons
CO₂ sequestration value: €7830

Step into the epitome of contemporary living with our 163 model—a one-story full CLT home meticulously designed for simplicity, sustainability, and comfort.
This single-story haven boasts a full CLT structure, eliminating the need for extra insulation, making it an ideal home. The home features a simple yet thoughtful plan with a spacious corridor adorned with a panorama glass roof.
Inside, you’ll find an open kitchen seamlessly merging with a large living room, creating the perfect gathering space. A highlight is the generous bathroom with a sauna, ensuring relaxation is always within reach.
Outside, a 19m² terrace with pergolas awaits—a serene spot to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding environment.

Note: The recommended CLT thickness for year-round living in Scandinavia is 200-240 mm.