Experience the masterful design of BVG Housing's architectural team in this unique three-bedroom apartment, complete with a floating bed and a wealth of exquisite details.

The apartment boasts:

  • - A top-tier, handleless kitchen with room for a cozy dining area. The cabinet doors feature a sleek matte white finish, and the cabinet height reaches 2450mm.
  • - A specially crafted illuminated wine shelf nestled between the kitchen and the living room.
  • - Brand-new laminate flooring throughout the space.
  • - The bathroom showcases elegant microcement finishes, new fixtures, and custom-made shelves, along with an LED mirror.
  • - The toilet area mirrors this style with microcement finishes, new fixtures, an LED mirror, and custom shelves.
  • - Convenience is key with a dedicated washing machine connection.
  • - The bedroom offers a harmonious layout with its floating bed and a well-organized walk-in closet.
  • - A spacious 160cm-wide bed for two.
  • - Ceiling design coordinated with the bed area.
  • - Storage is abundant.
  • - Subtle indirect lighting enhances the ceiling's edge.
  • - An integrated ceiling hood equipped with an activated carbon filter completes the kitchen.
  • - Bosch integrated appliances, including a refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave/oven combination, and an induction stove.
  • - Updated electrical wiring throughout the apartment.
  • - LED lighting for an energy-efficient and stylish ambiance.
  • - New hallway, bedroom, bathroom, and toilet doors for a fresh look.
  • - The living room provides ample space for versatile seating arrangements, and a niche in the wall between the living room and the kitchen is dedicated to accommodate a TV, interior fireplace, and firewood.
  • - A custom-made sliding door cabinet enhances the workspace.
  • - Radiator covers crafted to fit perfectly in the space.
  • - Lighting control is at your fingertips, whether through a switch or a smartphone.