Situated in a prime location in Sörnäinen, this two-bedroom apartment has undergone a remarkable transformation to become an exceptionally comfortable smart home.

The apartment boasts the following features:

  • - A BVG open kitchen with handleless doors, equipped with Blum Tip-On and Blumotion technology. The cabinet doors have a matte white finish, and the cabinet height reaches 2800mm.
  • - An impressive island featuring an interior gas fireplace and authentic interior stone cladding on the exterior wall.
  • - Restored original wooden flooring with a translucent finish.
  • - Bathroom with a washing machine connection and microcement finish.
  • - A 140cm-wide cabinet bed for two.
  • - Generous storage space throughout.
  • - A ceiling design that harmonizes with the island.
  • - Indirect lighting on a wall adorned with windows.
  • - A dedicated bar niche.
  • - An integrated ceiling-mounted range hood with an activated carbon filter.
  • - Bosch integrated appliances, including a refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave/oven combination, and an induction stove.
  • - Comprehensive electrical rewiring.
  • - Custom-designed LED lighting.
  • - Pre-installed ceiling wiring for a sound system.
  • - Upgraded bathroom door.
  • - A built-in TV stand.
  • - Tailor-made radiator covers.
  • - Convenient remote control of various electrical devices via a smartphone, switches, remote controls, or voice commands, including television, range hood lights and motor, ceiling lights, indirect lighting, bar niche lighting, kitchen lights, island lighting, entrance lighting, roller blinds, and more, spanning from vacuum cleaners to thermostats.