Tikkurila 1

This Tikkurila apartment has been transformed into a new Scandinavian oasis, characterized by a soft palette of light and gray tones.

The apartment offers:

- A contemporary BVG open kitchen featuring handleless doors, equipped with Blum Tip-On and Blumotion technology. The cabinet doors are elegantly finished in matte white.

- A generous island that doubles as a spacious workspace.
- A seamlessly integrated TV stand adorned with genuine interior stone, ingeniously designed for discreet cable management.

- The original plank flooring has been expertly sanded and delicately stained to achieve a translucent effect.

- The bathroom has undergone a complete overhaul, featuring modern furnishings and a wall-mounted toilet with convenient storage overhead.

- A stylish microcement finish in the bathroom.

- In the bedroom, the ceiling has been thoughtfully modified to align with the bed's position.

- You'll find a comfortable 160cm-wide double bed with cabinets on each side.

- Behind the bed's headboard, you'll discover roomy wardrobes with mirrored sliding doors, providing ample storage. It's accessible from both sides for added convenience.

- In both the kitchen and the entrance, the ceiling has been gracefully lowered.

- The living room boasts ambient indirect lighting with discreet light strips.

- The bedroom ceiling features custom indirect lighting meticulously designed to correspond with the bed's placement.

- The integrated range hood is equipped with an activated carbon filter.

- Bosch integrated appliances grace the kitchen, including a refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine, microwave/oven combination, and an induction stove.

- The entire electrical system has been expertly upgraded.

- LED lighting enhances the apartment's atmosphere.

- The bathroom, bedroom, and interior doors have all been carefully replaced to align with the new design.