Crafted by BVG Housing's in-house designer, this petite 21-square-meter apartment has undergone a remarkable transformation

The apartment features:

  • - A high-end, handleless kitchen boasting a fingerprint-resistant surface. The cabinet doors are tastefully finished in matte white and matte black, with a cabinet height of 2600mm.
  • - The kitchen exhibits a thoughtful design with seamless lines, offering both shelving and a bench on the island.
  • - Brand new Parla parquet flooring, proudly crafted in Finland.
  • - The bathroom showcases stylish microcement finishes, complete with upgraded fixtures.
  • - A user-friendly 120cm-wide cabinet bed, which ingeniously adds a few extra square meters of living space.
  • - Ceiling adjustments throughout the apartment.
  • - A surplus of storage solutions, ensuring impeccable organization for your belongings.
  • - Indirect LED lighting elegantly encircling the ceiling.
  • - An integrated range hood equipped with an activated carbon filter, harmoniously fitted into the cabinetry.
  • - Top-of-the-line integrated appliances from Samsung and Bosch, encompassing a refrigerator, dishwasher, and microwave/oven combination.
  • - Comprehensive electrical rewiring for enhanced safety and efficiency.
  • - Carefully positioned LED lighting, contributing to the ambiance of the space.
  • - Expert replacement of the bathroom door.
  • - An eye-catching feature wall adorned with 3D panels.
  • - Convenient lighting control, accessible through switches or your smartphone.